Membership Tier

Starting from 2018, we provide a new system of Membership Tier to motivate our members to improve and challenge themselves for a higher level of skills and techniques.

  • 3-9 awards.
    Gets profile, listing on Photographers page.

  • 10-29 awards

  • 30-59 awards

  • 60-99 awards

  • 100+ awards

Grand Master of Photography

The most prestige title. Requires absolutely amazing and flawless skills, creativity and art sense. Truly a master and leader in the industry. Whilst very difficult to obtain this title, it is possible to achieve with a lot of effort and talent.

Need to gain: 100+ awards

There are no photographers with Grand Master of Photography status

Master of Photography

Equipped with outstanding and creative skills, a Master of Photography demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship through the stunning work. A title difficult to obtain without years of experience and effort. Being an Master of Photography you would be invited to act as a judge in the competition.

Need to gain: 60-99 awards

4 photographers have Master status

  • Haydee Romero
  • Alessandra Barucchieri
  • Bhupendra Bagla
  • Maurizio Zanetti
Grand Member

A higher level of Member, that requires constant excellence performance in Competitions.

Need to gain: 30-59 awards

12 photographers have Grand Member status

  • Pam Sproul
  • Julián Nieves
  • Nelson Fajardo
  • Benjamin Myers
  • Kashif Javed
  • Naveen Aggarwal
  • Sheree Zielke
  • Paulo Fernandes
  • Kerstin Klinner
  • Sonia Ritzkova
  • Abbie Asadi
  • Elise Margolin
Senior Member

Senior Member demonstrates excellence skills and techniques.

Need to gain: 10-29 awards

18 photographers have Senior Member status

  • Marilyn Mani
  • Irina Pasin
  • Chitra Joshi
  • Utsha Guha
  • tzu yu
  • Nevena Buca
  • Patti Austin-Murray
  • Hema Latha Alagarsamy
  • Ron Hollender
  • Rishi Popli
  • Kim Abbas
  • Jessica Kramer
  • Pavlo Kyryliuk
  • Anna Ritzková
  • Michelle Simmons
  • Charlotte Simpson
  • Soundar Rajan
  • Adam Pawlaszczyk
Member Gets profile, can upload to gallery

Lowest membership tier. Starting from this point you get a profile on our website and listing on Photographers Page.

Need to gain: 3-9 awards

35 photographers have Member status

  • Reva Kohli
  • Jaymie Massey
  • Travis Guthman
  • Marco Borghesi
  • Chi Hang Lau
  • Jennifer Cummings
  • Mark MacDivitt
  • Lina Nasser
  • Pauline Schara
  • Penelope Javiera
  • Michela Toschi
  • Isabel Herrera
  • Khalid Al Mohannadi
  • Toral Vyas
  • Billy Allen
  • James Bray
  • Frédéric Deschênes
  • Mary-Anne Lines
  • Mithu Chakraborty
  • Heidi Mack
  • michel juvet
  • Audrey Knafo
  • Andrey Berstenev
  • Armineh Hovanesian
  • Emma Cupitt
  • Debbi Cliff
  • Jevgeni Grudkin
  • Eren Kozik
  • Sujit Sudhi
  • Chad Myers
  • Harry Pancholy
  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Johan Dermaut
  • Vickie Chapman