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Bainbridge Island, Washington

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5 years

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Pams Island Photography

I am awed by nature and its power to heal and restore us.
I believe images of environmental beauty can offer powerful healing to those needing peace in our world. Experiencing the world through my iPhone lens affords me many opportunities to capture mother nature's dynamic and beautiful moods.

I hope the reflections in the water and spontaneous bursts of light through the clouds help soothe and nurture your soul as they do mine.

Winning photos

My eyes were drawn to the aged wood pier jetting out into this saltwater bay & appreciated the red accents against the soft blue grey of the bay

“Breathing in the sea” -2024

79th Collection

Breathing in the salt air at this beautiful salt water bay and appreciating the contrast between the bright wood table and the frosted aged deck
“Frosty Morning at Liberty Bay”-2024

79th Collection

Sometimes the light creates a piece of art.
Seattle Waterfront

"Waterfront Shimmer"-2024

78th Collection

I get excited when I see a scene in nature that could be a painting of the same view.

"Liberty Bay Soft View"-2024

78th Collection

The serenity of this sunrise on the beautiful Liberty Bay gives my soul peace
“Serenity on Liberty Bay”-2024

77th Collection

The peace and energy of this sunset in the beautiful Pacific Northwest
“Sunset Movement”-2024

77th Collection

Clouds are amazing and it's so incredible when the clouds capture a sunrise in this unique way ~ thankful for my iPhone to capture this.

"Pink cloud formation" - 2023

76th Collection

On a beautiful foggy day ~ I was enchanted by the shimmer and reflections on these harbor side buildings.

"Foggy Dockside" - 2023

76th Collection

This spectacular sunrise felt like stepping into heaven ~ the light shimmered in such a way that you felt part of the heavenly scene.

"Pink Heavenly Sunrise" - 2023

76th Collection

Deep gratitude for the beauty surrounding our crew on our morning walks

"Harborwalk Joy" - 3023

75th Collection

First you see a little bit of color developing and you race out of your house trying to get to the seaside ~ sometimes you are blessed with this.

“Pink sunrise Liberty Bay” - 2023

75th Collection

Fall bursting out in magnificent colors over Puget Sound ~ our view from our book club hosts deck.

“Puget Sound fall glory” - 2023

74th Collection

The smell of the sea, the softness of the sunrise on Liberty Bay ~ captured with my iPhone 13
“Liberty Bay soft light sunrise” - 2023

74th Collection

Capturing our rescue girl Roxy Ann in this incredible reflection at one of our favorite spots in the world ~ magic.

“light layers at Cannon Beach” - 2023

74th Collection

Sometimes the weather Gods bless you with magnificent contrast in colors
“Cannon Beach Colors” 2023

73rd Collection

The reflection surrounding haystack rock was magical

“Haystack Shimmer” 2023

73rd Collection

So grateful for my iPhone and blue skies to capture beautiful Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

“Lake McDonald Reflections” -2023

72nd Collection

The views in Glacier National Park from the lens of my iPhone grateful for the beautiful blue skies
“Glacier National views”~ 2023

71st Collection

It was a big personal goal to take a beautiful photo in the Glacier National Park with my iPhone ~ the weather and the sky worked with me for this inspiring view capture

70th Collection

As the morning mist started lifting
this image struck me for the clarity of the close-up shot and the ghosting of the houseboat in the distance

"Oyster park misted view"-2023

69th Collection