Bainbridge Island, Washington

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4 years

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Pams Island Photography

I am awed by nature and its power to heal and restore us.
I believe images of environmental beauty can offer powerful healing to those needing peace in our world. Experiencing the world through my iPhone lens affords me many opportunities to capture mother nature's dynamic and beautiful moods.

I hope the reflections in the water and spontaneous bursts of light through the clouds help soothe and nurture your soul as they do mine.

Winning photos

On a beachwalk on a sunny day in the Pacific NW and I glance up and see the Beachhouse set against a crystal blue sky, loved the contrast

“Beachhouse Fay Bainbridge”-23

68th Collection

Waiting so long for sunshine and then bam! A glorious day with sparking colors and contrasts arrives

“Glorious day”- 2023

68th Collection

This magical harbor walk into infinity

“Harbor Walk Magic -2023

67th Collection

That perfect evening as you’re leaving the city, breathing in the salt air and the sky is a perfect setting for the incredible waterfront view
“Saltwater Waterfront” -2023

67th Collection

The art of a garden, beautiful & complex, nurturing and a thing of beauty

“Garden Art”-2022

66th Collection

Sometimes you are gifted with a moment when the sky and sea are joined in a moment of infinity

“Infinity Views” -2023

66th Collection

When the sun breaks through and the golden light magnifies & creates a golden marina

“Golden Marina Reflections”-2023

65th Collection

Sometimes the clouds the reflections the color of the sky remind me of a floating image of heaven
“Pink Cloud Reflections on Liberty Bay”-2022

64th Collection

The beautiful thing about photography is when you have a lovely moment with a friend and step outside and actually gasp when you see the scene in front of you & you capture it with your iPhone

#Golden harbor lights -2022

63rd Collection

Took a chance and went down to the harbor hoping that the sky was developing and turned to my right and saw these beautiful boats sitting amidst the reflections of the sky ~ day made
#liberty bay harbor sky -2022

63rd Collection

So lucky to commute via ferry to Bainbridge Island and sometimes when leaving Seattle the view from the departing ferry offers golden shiny reflective images

“Autumn Waterfront Views Seattle”-2022

62nd Collection

The beautiful clouds on this Liberty Bay Harborwalk were such a beautiful contrast to the wood walkway and the harbor breakwater stones…..I was drawn to the light contrast and grateful to have my iPhone with me to capture this beauty

“Sea Clouds Liberty Bay”-2022

62nd Collection

Brilliant sky juxtaposed against the lovely Norwegian town of Poulsbo Wa

“Blue Skies of Lil Norway”-2022

61st Collection

This kayak suspended against the beautiful architecture of the Alderbrook Lodge caught my eye with it’s beauty

“Pacific NW Lodge Art”-2022

61st Collection

Golden light on Liberty Bays beautiful gazebo. The people framed in the shot were unexpected and added so much to the shot. My iPhone allows me the spontaneity to capture these special moments. Grateful

#GoldenGazebo 2022

60th Collection

When the color of sunset starts developing & you drop everything and race to find the right place to capture this kind of beauty…..

That’s iPhone photography at its best

#Redskyatnight 2022

60th Collection

There are moments when the sun comes out and the light is golden and beautiful and everything feels just right in the world

#Golden light Waterfront-2022

59th Collection

Grateful for the views from the ferry of the Seattle Waterfront that are ever changing.
The Big Wheel set against the diverse buildings and the sky were perfect for a black and white capture with my iPhone

#Seattle Waterfront Sky -2022

58th Collection

The magic of a long pier view set against the seaside. Grateful when the light, reflections and shadows all line up and grateful to have my iPhone ready to capture the beauty.

“Pier Reflections”-2022

57th Collection

Walking along the seashore I came across this lovely dinghy floating on a glassy surface of the bay~ I was struck by the perfect mirror-like quality of the reflections around this small boat resting in Liberty Bay

“Dinghy Reflections” -2022

56th Collection