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Houston, Texas

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Texas girl with a passion to get outside and enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Winning photos

Happy to be a bee in the spring. Flowers are blooming and bees are pollinating. This little bee looks like it’s peeping out of the flower to say hello.

55th Collection

Spring is in the air and the Eastern Tent Caterpillars are hard at work making their silk tents, feeding during the day on leaves and returning to their tent at night. But don’t expect these colorful critters to become beautiful butterflies. They will become gray moths one day.

55th Collection

Bear Creek Falls is located on the Million Dollar Highway near Ouray, Colorado. The waterfall feeds down into Bear Creek. It’s free to stop and take in the beauty!

53rd Collection

You can find this beautiful patch of sunflowers on Dewberry Farm in Brookshire, Texas. If you visit Dewberry Farm, check dates and times before you go.

50th Collection

The Box Canyons State Park is home to the breathtaking Box Canyon Falls in Ouray, Colorado. It is also known as the Switzerland of North America.

50th Collection

When the weather is nice people take advantage of a beautiful sunset. This beach, in The Hague, Netherlands attracts people from all over to also enjoy its restaurants and shops.

49th Collection

Hidden Gem: Beauty is everywhere at Ridgeway State Park in Colorado including this crystal blue lake. The water is clear cool and refreshing.

48th Collection

The unexpected sand dunes in Colorado are a playground for sand boarding and sand sledding. You can also just visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve for the beauty of it.

48th Collection

Catching air. Aspiring to be a pro scooter champion means exploring every skatepark in every town to try new tricks. This little skatepark was a favorite stop in Woodland Park, Co.

47th Collection

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