Carol Anne Bell-Smith

Carol Anne



šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦ Canada

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Carol Anne Judd

Finding Beauty Everywhere

I am an Impressionist Photographer who loves to experiment with abstract and otherworldly images. I use a power wheelchair for mobility and canā€™t get to difficult locations, so I like to create my own worlds. I believe art is medicine. I do NOT use AI or Photoshop.

Winning photos

A beautiful sky over Cobourg near Monkā€™s Cove.

82nd Collection

This was taken Downtown Toronto looking up.

81st Collection

This image was taken of my backyard just as totality started, and produced a strangely beautiful sky. I used Intentional Camera Movement to add a surreal quality.

80th Collection

This was taken from the window of a train using ICM and ME.

80th Collection

An incredible sky that looked like it was on fire.

79th Collection

A magical sunset in Cobourg.

79th Collection

A perfect day at Monkā€™s Cove in Cobourg.

77th Collection

This was taken in a driving rain at twilight.

77th Collection

This was an incredible sky that made me pull over to deeply appreciateā€¦ this was the result.

76th Collection

This was taken from the window of a moving train, while moving the iPhone at dusk.

76th Collection

This cloud just looked like a woman to me and it felt like a gift.

76th Collection

Downtown Toronto right before Christmas at dusk.

76th Collection

A repeating night sky by multiple exposure and ICM.

75th Collection

First Canadian place re-imagined.

74th Collection

Looking up in Toronto.

74th Collection

A rose from my backyard with a twist.

74th Collection

The City of Toronto reimagined.

73rd Collection

Rose bush, Cobourg, Ontario

73rd Collection

Cobourg, Ontario

72nd Collection