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Winning photos

I always love to photograph old autos. This was captured at The Gold King Mine near Jerome, AZ, the USA.

74th Collection

The red rocks of Sedona, AZ, the USA never ceases to take my breath away.

74th Collection

This is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Franconia Notch State Park, Maine, USA. I couldn’t resist a beautiful long exposure shot to give it a dreamy look.

73rd Collection

The back of the sunflower is a work of art in itself. It’s always a wonderful exercise to look at things in a different way or from a new angle.

72nd Collection

I wanted the tomato to be the star of this flatlay so I gave it a little boost with a small glass. The sunlight from a window was all the light needed.

71st Collection

This was my first introductory view of Alaska. I fell in love immediately!

70th Collection

The most idyllic place in the British Virgin Islands.

70th Collection

Tenants Harbor, Maine USA viewed from my walk out in the ocean at low tide.

68th Collection

It was one of those moments that just clicked. I was cutting the banana for my breakfast. I noticed that the banana and knife handle matched and thought it would be a great photo. So I grabbed some black poster board as a background, moved the set up near a door, set up the shot, and opened the door for lighting. Oh, and then I ate the banana.

67th Collection

Tenants Harbor, Maine, USA. This is a dramatic, black and white, low point of view, showing the wonderful Marshal Point Light Station.

67th Collection

The Marshall Point Lighthouse gave me some wonderful leading lines. I really loved how the shadows made the white railings pop!!

66th Collection

Simple colorful cups and saucers were used with some dramatic lighting to achieve this photo.

66th Collection

My father was a wonderful artist. I did not inherit any of his talent. In this photo, I wanted to try and capture the feel of an artist making their first stroke with the paintbrush.

65th Collection

The view from an urban precipice. It is always thrilling to ride on a glass elevator. This was the disorienting view from one of the upper floors looking down.

65th Collection

A beautiful lightscape highlighted an old oak tree at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. I thought it gave the tree an otherworldly look.

64th Collection

This was the magnificent view from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory in Maine, US. My vantage point of looking down on the bridge gave it a unique leading line into the horizon. I also loved the shadows in the water that hints of the actual construction of the bridge.

63rd Collection

I was drawn to the beautiful bright autumnal leaves when I noticed that this made wonderful frame for the nearby home! This marvelous place is in Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA. Slight edits were made with Snapseed.

62nd Collection