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Tenants Harbor, Maine USA viewed from my walk out in the ocean at low tide.

68th Collection

It was one of those moments that just clicked. I was cutting the banana for my breakfast. I noticed that the banana and knife handle matched and thought it would be a great photo. So I grabbed some black poster board as a background, moved the set up near a door, set up the shot, and opened the door for lighting. Oh, and then I ate the banana.

67th Collection

Tenants Harbor, Maine, USA. This is a dramatic, black and white, low point of view, showing the wonderful Marshal Point Light Station.

67th Collection

The Marshall Point Lighthouse gave me some wonderful leading lines. I really loved how the shadows made the white railings pop!!

66th Collection

Simple colorful cups and saucers were used with some dramatic lighting to achieve this photo.

66th Collection

My father was a wonderful artist. I did not inherit any of his talent. In this photo, I wanted to try and capture the feel of an artist making their first stroke with the paintbrush.

65th Collection

The view from an urban precipice. It is always thrilling to ride on a glass elevator. This was the disorienting view from one of the upper floors looking down.

65th Collection

A beautiful lightscape highlighted an old oak tree at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. I thought it gave the tree an otherworldly look.

64th Collection

This was the magnificent view from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory in Maine, US. My vantage point of looking down on the bridge gave it a unique leading line into the horizon. I also loved the shadows in the water that hints of the actual construction of the bridge.

63rd Collection

I was drawn to the beautiful bright autumnal leaves when I noticed that this made wonderful frame for the nearby home! This marvelous place is in Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA. Slight edits were made with Snapseed.

62nd Collection

This photo was all about natural lighting and layers of yellow. I wanted something unexpected in the coffee cup, so I found a small sunflower that worked well. The flat lay perspective is much harder than it seems. I finished the look with a bit of fine tuning in Snapseed.

61st Collection

I was struck by the colors of everyday common objects and decided to start a journey of capturing those things. To see something everyday we become blind to the beauty and style before us. This is the first in the “Common Object” series. This was two large colorful mugs on contrasting color poster board. Edits made in the DistressedFX app.

60th Collection

Island Magic
This photo was captured as the cruise ship I was on, was passing the island of Kauai, HI. The island at this angle was fairly nondescript and unimpressive until the setting sun hit it just right. Then it was jaw dropping. It was amazing to watch the light show unfold before my eyes. The photo was made with my iPhone 11Pro Max from a moving boat and hand held!

59th Collection

Just a Bit Tipsy
This is from the martini glass series. Photographed originally in color as a high contrast still life. Shot on iPhone 11Pro Max

59th Collection

A Glimpse into the Past
This was photographed in the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site which is located in Fulton on the Texas Gulf Coast, US. I was drawn to the lighting from the windows as it fell and illuminate the hats. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

59th Collection

This is a variation on the traditional ring shot showing beautiful heart shadows. I have added a small babies ring to complete a family portrait of sorts.

58th Collection

I decided to build a city from nuts and bolts from my Son in laws workshop.

57th Collection

My grandfathers old pocket watch gave me a macro view of the internal workings of time.

57th Collection

The morning fog softens the sunrise to awaken the morning slowly. Thus begins a beautiful spring day on the pond. This was captured with my iPhone 11 in Crowley, Texas in April 2022.

56th Collection

The Bass Performance Hall Grand Facade
The two 48 foot tall angels of The Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth, Texas draw photographers worldwide. I am blessed to live here and never miss my chance at a photo opportunity with these beautiful cultural icons of North Texas. This photo is one of my favorites.

55th Collection

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