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I love photographing vintage cars. They have such fluid lines and ornate grills. Mostly I photograph in snippets that showcase the parts only. This gives the viewer a tease of what the rest of the auto may look like. This was photographed in Galveston, Texas, USA.

80th Collection

The streets in London always make me think I’ve stepped back in time. I tried to capture that feeling with this iPhone photo.

80th Collection

The rainforest of Costa Rica gives so many opportunities for beautiful photographs. This was the morning cloud cover at the La Anita Rainforest, Upala, Costa Rica.

78th Collection

This was taken on a walk, in the rainforest in Upala, Costa Rica.

77th Collection

Trametes, genus of fungi that I found very interesting. This lovely specimen, I found in Upala, Costa Rica. The constant rain seemed to enhance the colors.

77th Collection

An obsolete pay phone becomes artwork at Meow Wolf interactive art Installation in Grapevine, TX USA

76th Collection

Meow Wolf, the Grand Room in Grapevine, TX, The USA This is only one room of this colorful and artistic place.
Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max

75th Collection

The Crested Saguaro cactus found mostly in the Sonoran Desert. This particular one was found in Phoenix, AZ, The USA. Don't miss the tiny person standing next to it.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max

75th Collection

I always love to photograph old autos. This was captured at The Gold King Mine near Jerome, AZ, the USA.

74th Collection

The red rocks of Sedona, AZ, the USA never ceases to take my breath away.

74th Collection

This is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Franconia Notch State Park, Maine, USA. I couldn’t resist a beautiful long exposure shot to give it a dreamy look.

73rd Collection

The back of the sunflower is a work of art in itself. It’s always a wonderful exercise to look at things in a different way or from a new angle.

72nd Collection

I wanted the tomato to be the star of this flatlay so I gave it a little boost with a small glass. The sunlight from a window was all the light needed.

71st Collection

This was my first introductory view of Alaska. I fell in love immediately!

70th Collection

The most idyllic place in the British Virgin Islands.

70th Collection

Tenants Harbor, Maine USA viewed from my walk out in the ocean at low tide.

68th Collection

It was one of those moments that just clicked. I was cutting the banana for my breakfast. I noticed that the banana and knife handle matched and thought it would be a great photo. So I grabbed some black poster board as a background, moved the set up near a door, set up the shot, and opened the door for lighting. Oh, and then I ate the banana.

67th Collection

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