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I shot photographs from when I was 6 years old. I played with Threepenny machines up to 18. Then I discovered the reflex camera (first an old Zenit E, then Olympus OM1, OM2). I discovered the black and white (the mythical Ilford), the dark room. From 20 years to 45 I snapped, developed and printed thousands of photos. Especially dance, theatre, portraits. Almost always black and white. When digital arrived I was very wary. Then, slowly, I discovered the advantages in the use of digital cameras and, sometimes, Photoshop. I'm not a pro but (I think) a good amateur and today, 68 years old, I'm still taking hundreds of photos with Olympus OM d ā€“ E-M 10 Mark III. I always love dance, theatre and portraits. But also the landscape, reportage and above all street photography. And now that I have the iPhone, sometimes with Hipstamatic app, I discovered a wonderful chance to take pictures whenever I want. Iā€™m on FLICKR like Maurizio Zanetti ā€“ mauzzan

Winning photos

Venice, rainy day. A "sotoportego" towards the ferry on the Grand Canal.

79th Collection

Venice. From the window of a vaporetto a 4-oared "sandolo". In the background the island of San Michele, the cemetery.

79th Collection

Venice, Castello district. Over the years, the old door of a warehouse has become a true work of art.

79th Collection

Easter in Venice. Under the Guglie bridge, on the Cannaregio canal, a boat with a diorama on the "Passion of Christ".

79th Collection

There is little to say: Venice is the most beautiful city in the world. For its history, its buildings, its canals. And for the priceless beauty of being able to walk around it, step by step, looking around without the horrible presence of cars. And step by step you may happen to discover cats that, on the windowsill, watch whoever passes by in the street...

79th Collection

A window on the ground floor of a house in Venice in the popular Castello district. Adorned with flower pots and small wooden sculptures. And, behind the glass, a splendid cat observes passers-by.

78th Collection

They observed each other at arm's length for a while. Then they approached and smelled closely. Then they each retraced their steps. But in the photo there is nothing to do: it looks like they kissed.

78th Collection

"Building Bridges", the gigantic sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn created in 2019 for the Venice Biennale, unites two wings of the historic Arsenal of Venice. In the photo it is seen from the lagoon.

78th Collection

Carnival has arrived. In Venice, the city that invented the modern carnival, its streets are the perfect setting for those who want to dress up.

77th Collection

As Christmas approaches in Venice, the Santa Claus regatta takes place along the Grand Canal. A real race but also a splendid parade in the most beautiful city in the world.

76th Collection

At Christmas in the little things: on the colorful island of Burano, a gnome guards a small nativity scene in a bottle, on a window sill.

76th Collection

When night falls, Venice and its canals become an oasis of peace.

75th Collection

In Venice, as is well known, you get around on foot or by boat. And it is by boat, called "mototopo" by the Venetians, that the goods are moved. Pandas included...

75th Collection

Venice. Mosaics on the ground floor of the Ca' D'Oro.

75th Collection

Venice. From the balcony of the splendid Ca' D'Oro a look at the Grand Canal and the fish market.

75th Collection

The lighthouse of Favaritx, island of Menorca

74th Collection

It looks like an old lady looking at you from behind a door. Instead, it is a splendid mural in Ciutadela, island of Menorca

74th Collection

At the fish market in Ciutadela, island of Menorca

74th Collection

The painted whale appears to fly under the arch of an alley in Ciutadela, island of Menorca

74th Collection

Venice. The splendid colors of the lagoon between the Fondamenta Nove and the Island of San Michele.

73rd Collection