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I shot photographs from when I was 6 years old. I played with Threepenny machines up to 18. Then I discovered the reflex camera (first an old Zenit E, then Olympus OM1, OM2). I discovered the black and white (the mythical Ilford), the dark room. From 20 years to 45 I snapped, developed and printed thousands of photos. Especially dance, theatre, portraits. Almost always black and white. When digital arrived I was very wary. Then, slowly, I discovered the advantages in the use of digital cameras and, sometimes, Photoshop. I'm not a pro but (I think) a good amateur and today, 68 years old, I'm still taking hundreds of photos with Olympus OM d – E-M 10 Mark III. I always love dance, theatre and portraits. But also the landscape, reportage and above all street photography. And now that I have the iPhone, sometimes with Hipstamatic app, I discovered a wonderful chance to take pictures whenever I want. I’m on FLICKR like Maurizio Zanetti – mauzzan

Winning photos

The splendid pine forest ends on the dunes near Santa Lucia di Siniscola, Sardinia.

72nd Collection

Verona by night never ceases to surprise.

72nd Collection

Sardinia, Santa Lucia di Siniscola. In a quiet pine forest and a few steps from the sea, someone has invented bookcrossing. For those who live there and for tourists.

71st Collection

Outside the most popular tourist routes, the Venice of the Venetians still exists, and it is fortunate. With their houses, with their wonders.

71st Collection

There are magical places in Venice that have not yet been overrun by tourists. Places to sit on a bench to admire a sunset.

71st Collection

The "rondella delle Boccare" in Verona has ancient origins. Along the walls built in the 14th century by Cangrande della Scala, the Venetians had these bulwarks built in the 16th century. The Austrians during the occupation of Verona in the 19th century adapted and restored them. Today they are splendid monuments that can be visited.

70th Collection

At the time of the Austrian occupation of Verona it was an old military barracks. Now, wonderfully restored, the "Santa Marta" is the university seat. Also beautiful at night.

70th Collection

The ancient and the modern: the legendary "Frecce Tricolori" whiz across the sky over Verona, passing over Ponte Pietra.

70th Collection

A stone's throw from the city of Verona, where the countryside is still countryside, a splendid field of poppies

69th Collection

Giardino Giusti is a splendid green corner at the back of a historic building in Verona, between the hill and the Adige river. Visiting it is always a surprise

69th Collection

A garden is the home of flowers. But it can also be an opportunity to free one's imagination.

69th Collection

Venice, the most beautiful city in the world, is rightly visited by millions of tourists every year. That creates a big mess. But the beauty of Venice beyond its splendid palaces and churches and museums are the "Venetian people". Who, serenely, sometimes fish in the lagoon with the background of the most beautiful scenography in the world.

68th Collection

One could say "all house and gondola". Nice discovery of a well-known Venetian tavern...

68th Collection

Flowering lasts only a few days. And the wisteria perched on the ancient well in the courtyard of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice needs to be photographed quickly.

68th Collection

Palazzo Grimani di Santa Maria Formosa in Venice, in the Castello district, today the Polo Museale del Veneto and patrimony of the Italian State, was purchased and modernized by Doge Antonio Grimani around the middle of the 1500s. In the photo, the sculpture with the Rape of Ganymede, hanging from the center of the hall called La Tribuna, is a Roman replica of a late Hellenistic model and was placed back in its original position after the restoration of the palace.

67th Collection

Palazzo Grassi, now home to the Pinault collection museum, is one of the most famous Venetian palaces overlooking the Grand Canal. Built in the mid-1700s, it maintains, alongside elements of modernity due to the restorations, original visions such as the fresco on the splendid ceiling.

67th Collection

Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, at the foot of the Accademia bridge, is a splendid building built in the Gothic style in the second half of the 1400s. It has been restored and remodeled several times and has always maintained the original facade. And, inside, the splendid frescoed stairs that you see in the photo.

67th Collection

Verona, the ancient Scaliger Walls that surround the city. A stone's throw from the center, as the night approaches

66th Collection

Ponte Pietra, in the wonderful Roman bridge of Verona, at the foot of the Roman Theater. When the night comes...

66th Collection

Venice, at sunset from the Fondamenta Nove a look towards the island of San Michele, which is the splendid historic cemetery of Venice.

65th Collection