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A few years ago, I became a passionated photographer more or less out of curiosity whether I’m capable and having an eye for photography. With my former IPhone XSMax I started taking the online courses at the IPhone Photography School in order to gain more knowledge about photography as well as to improve taking more interesting pictures. Meanwhile, I’m working with an IPhone 12Pro as well as with a DLSR Canon EOS6D.
When I’m enjoying a nice walk, I prefer to taking pictures with my IPhone 12Pro. First of all I’m always carrying it with me and secondly it’s compact and very low-weighted. And finally, the quality of the iPhone camera is very good.

Winning photos

Springtime. When I see these beautiful blossoms there’s only one part of a song that perfectly fits; “it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’m feeling good”.

68th Collection

Early Saturday morning at the Lake of Zurich, where people either meet others or doing exercises like standup-paddling. To me the combination of mountains and the lake always remain special and it never bores me.

67th Collection

Springtime in Zurich. Getting into the park early Saturday morning you might see a group of people doing their Qigong exercises. Others take their dog for a walk, or like me, get into the park at the lake in order to take pictures and just enjoy this relaxing peaceful atmosphere.

67th Collection

Airport business

The day I travelled from Switzerland to my family in the Netherlands, the airport was full of people checking in and staff members, who packed the luggage into the airplanes.

I love watching the business on the airport, wondering where the plane is flying to. I feel this thrill every time when I travel by plane from A to B. Are the other passengers as excited as I am when boarding the plane?

All the different lines on the ground leading the pilotes into the right direction ready to take off and bring all their passengers on their destination for holidays, business or back to their families.

66th Collection

Sunset - Sky on fire

Me, myself and I as well as probably many other people all over Switzerland or even around Europe have witnessed this very special sunset. The colours were so intense and I hardly couldn't stop watching and stunning. I felt very fortunate that I realized that I had to take this picture right at that moment.

66th Collection

A beautiful view over the city of Zürich on a cold and more or less dull day. However, sometimes exactly those dull days enhance the beauty of a city.

The spot from where I took this picture was very near to the main building of the University of Zürich.

65th Collection

This street in Borculo, the Netherlands, used to be my playground more than 45 years ago. I visited my former hometown during the last week of the year 2022. I loved the Christmas tree, and the lights in the street during the blue hour.

64th Collection

Uetliberg, the local mountain of Zurich. I was very fortunate to witness sunrise early morning. The view is towards the mountains of the Canton of Glarus. The lake of Zurich is part of this wonderful morning view, too. This moment was very short but so very special. I’m very happy that I was able to photograph this very special image.

63rd Collection

Zurich. When you walk from Central to Bellevue and then just turn around, you’ll have this marvellous view towards Fraumunster. In Autumn I had a nice walk after work. People were sitting there, chitchatting and enjoying the late afternoon sun.

63rd Collection

Here we are at the Münzplatz with view into the Augustinergasse. The Augustinergasse is a medieval lane that today is part of the intercity pedestrian zone of Zurich, Switzerland. It is named after the former Augustian Abbey. That is now Augustinerkirche.
I shot this picture on an early cloudy Friday morning, when only few people where there. The Münsterplatz and Augustinergasse are highly frequented during the day, especially by tourists, as this lane leads you to the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. The Swiss flags caught my eye as well as the peaceful sphere at the time I was there. I’m very happy to share this impression with you and I hope, that when you’ll visit Zürich, you’ll like this part of the city as much as I do.

62nd Collection