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Visual storyteller creating connection, memories & moments through photography.

Winning photos

New York City. How many cliches can we fit into one photograph?

65th Collection

An art installation in Bath, UK representing different towns in the area. Walking by I couldn’t resist the shadows it was creating.

65th Collection

Locally grown blooms standing bright in the shadows

64th Collection

Walk, walk, walk and walk some more. That’s the best way to see NYC. With no agenda, I just wandered and allowed my eyes to roam taking in all the myriad of architecture on offer. So many pleasing and quirky buildings to capture.

63rd Collection

Midday shadows cast over the MET in New York City. I love wandering around the city and getting in lost in the skyline. There are always lines and shapes to capture my attention.

63rd Collection

Cinque Terre - the five villages on this beautiful part of the Italian coast.

So much history, a colour palate to swoon over and a cacophony of leading lines sending your eyes everywhere to soak it all in.

62nd Collection

The light was too much to ignore on these locally produced organic eggs. Capturing the last rays of summer at a recent retreat.

The formation is also pleasing to the eye.

61st Collection

Architecture gets me every time and I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking up. Pleasing shapes and lines that dictated a black & white shot to enhance their detail for you all to enjoy.

60th Collection

Forever blowing bubbles. Having fun with the kiddos in the backyard and capturing a moment of brilliant light shining through the bubble.

59th Collection

What can see old and useless to some, inspires beauty and creation in others. The details in this old truck were too much to not photograph

59th Collection

Life’s a beach!

You couldn’t ignore these brightly coloured crafts as I wandered the promenade of Lyme Regis Bay. Thinking about all the time they’d spent on the water, the people they have met, memories they had created and the stories they could tell. Much like a photographer you could say.

58th Collection

Contemplative mood on a sunny walk through the fields. Exploring and being with nature. Capturing the breeze and engulfing all the senses.

57th Collection

If you go down to the woods today you’d better look out for the beautiful light that peeks through the trees. When you’re greeted with light like this you have to stop in awe of nature’s possibilities.

56th Collection

The sharp lines couldn’t escape my glance whilst walking around the suburb of Victoria in London, UK. I’m always looking up when surrounded by tall buildings and this did not disappoint.

56th Collection

The Low Lighthouse is one of three historic lighthouses in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England, and the only one of the three which is still active. It is a Grade II listed building and stands on the foreshore. First lit in 1832, the Low Lighthouse operated in conjunction with the High Lighthouse for 137 years.

55th Collection

From a photo shoot with a gorgeous individual for whom we were promoting her wellness teas and couldn’t help but capture the rise of the steam from the hot drink into the beautiful light.

55th Collection

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure to find some beautiful sunlight.

Wonderful walk through the local woods always looking up at the beauty around me.

54th Collection