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3 years

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Studio A Photography

Visual storyteller creating connection, memories & moments through photography.

Winning photos

A now defunct winch from an old slaughterhouse in Warminster, Wiltshire. I was drawn to the detail and the colouring of the metal.

77th Collection

Coldplay by candlelight at Bath Abbey

77th Collection

Capturing the warming atmosphere of the local ale house whilst strolling through the city of Bath.

77th Collection

Honouring a new coffee spot in Bath. The beautiful colours with the Bath Stone are always an eye catcher.

76th Collection

Drastic shadows created up in the clouds. Shining through the window of the aeroplane.

75th Collection

Always looking up. On a visit to Bristol, this rather unassuming building spoke to me with its curvature and lines. Highlighted by the back and white.

74th Collection

Can you just picture the connections and conversations that have happened here, me too. A beautiful quaint shop front in Cheddar Gorge.

74th Collection

A total rock chick! Lead singer of a local band The Message I had the pleasure of photographing as they launch the band.

73rd Collection

A Tuscan retreat exploring food and photography. We had this beautifully natural lit window that provided the best light to showcase the pasta.

73rd Collection

The shadows cast on this Glastonbury building were too much to ignore, the way the light was dancing across the walls was playful and captivating.

71st Collection

Couldn’t step by this beauty at a recent history festival so many shapes and lines caught my eye and so to bring you that detail, a black and white edit was best.

71st Collection

When you wanted to get that shot of the single house on the estuary. This lined up perfectly on my walk in North Wales.

70th Collection

Sundown at Woodhenge, Wiltshire through the grassy fields.

70th Collection

The summit of Pen Y Fan in Wales.
Getting lost amongst natures greatest creations.

A humbling spot to be in.

69th Collection

Beautiful Somerset, UK

Enjoying the sunny weather out and about. Give me water and sunshine (I’m basically a plant) and I am happy.

69th Collection

Beautiful produce selling locally In Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Reminiscent of my time recently at markets in Italy. This caught my attention and took me right back.

69th Collection

A wet day in Oxford, UK and capturing the dew drops on the sea of bicycles that adorned the street opposite the doors of one of the famous colleges.

67th Collection

More beautiful bright tones on the Italian coast. A particular pallet for the area. You are advised to stay within the guidelines with your painting preferences.

66th Collection

Lines, lines, everywhere lines. A colour combo I wouldn’t have thought of but it drew me into focus on the detail. Found in a secluded village in the Italian mountains.

66th Collection

Scenes overlooking the Solent. Contemplative and mood inducing. The patches of light were the draw in this image with the scene providing that classic rule of thirds.

66th Collection

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