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1st place in Netherlands

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4 months

Hobbyist photographer, capturing all beauty around me.
Once I took my Nikon D80 with me, but the weight is not very friendly so after a few years I left my camera at home and started to photograph with my iPhone. After I followed the online courses from the iPhone Photography School I improved my skills . These days I only use my iPhone 12 Pro and for editing I use my iPad.

Winning photos

In my neighborhood there are a lot of small lanes between the greenhouses with flowers and vegetables. During my cycling trip I noticed this point, the mill, the ditch and the greenhouses.

66th Collection

Creating a artistic rose with several apps

66th Collection

Walking my dog on a cold misty morning. I loved the mist and the reflections.

66th Collection

On my Amsterdam walk I saw this house. It’s build with a very sharp corner, at the right point it seems almost flat.

65th Collection

Amsterdam on a very cold, misty day. There are so many canals with beautiful houses and transportation by boats.

65th Collection

On my way to work I saw this incredible sunrise. I just had to pull over my car to capture this view with its three mills in a little frozen landscape.

64th Collection

I live in an area with loads of greenhouses, for many kinds of flowers and vegetables. On a certain way they always attract me. I liked this one, because all the windows are wide open, that gives a completely different effect.

64th Collection

‘Look up’

I joined a photowalk for mobilephotography, we walked along a lovely part of Rotterdam ‘de oude haven’ (the old harbor)
These are the yellow cubehouses in Rotterdam, there is just one point, when you stand exactly in the midddle, you see the star above you.

64th Collection

The beautiful nature of Bohinjsko Jezero, Slovenia. On our way to the waterfall, we were sitting on a wooden bench and enjoyed this fantastic view.

63rd Collection