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Hobbyist photographer, capturing all beauty around me.
Once I took my Nikon D80 with me, but the weight is not very friendly so after a few years I left my camera at home and started to photograph with my iPhone. After I followed the online courses from the iPhone Photography School I improved my skills . These days I only use my iPhone 12 Pro and for editing I use my iPad.

Winning photos

Just a beautiful rose in a bouquet.

74th Collection

The five villages of the Cinque Terre were on my bucketlist. These villages are only reachable by train or boat. They can be recognized by the colorful houses built against the mountain.

73rd Collection

On my bike on a very sunny afternoon, gave me these beautiful sharp shadows.

73rd Collection

These are the Trümmelbach waterfalls in Switzerland. In the caves from the top to the bottom there are 10 great waterfalls.

73rd Collection

My husband and I travelled to south England this month. We visited Cornwall and Land's End, where I made this photo. The wheather was rainy and stormy, good for long exposure photos of the rough sea (I used my husband's iPhone 14 pro max).

72nd Collection

On the same trip we also visited the Seven Sisters, the chalk cliffs at East Sussex. It was a wonderful walk with beautiful nature and eventually the view at the Seven Sisters.

72nd Collection

I visited a Calathea nursery and I liked the structure of the leafs so I tried to emphasize them.

71st Collection

I visited Zaandam and the ‘Zaanse Schans’ because I had never been there and it is so beautiful. This hotel in Zaandam (Netherlands) is build like all the green houses in that area.

70th Collection

A part of the ‘Azalea’ lane at the Duno Estate in Doorwerth.

69th Collection

The entrance of the Duno Estate to get to the ‘Azalea’ lane.

69th Collection

We were driving through The Netherlands when I saw this beautiful fence. The wheel, which caught my eye, is used for opening the fence.

68th Collection

Some see weed and others see a wish …

Dandelions are always interesting to photograph.

68th Collection

It’s springtime, that’s the moment I want to capture all those lovely flowers. This one was taken nearby the ground against the sun.

67th Collection

A cold morning walk with a gorgeous sunrise.

67th Collection

I liked the colors of this Bromelia.

67th Collection

In my neighborhood there are a lot of small lanes between the greenhouses with flowers and vegetables. During my cycling trip I noticed this point, the mill, the ditch and the greenhouses.

66th Collection

Creating a artistic rose with several apps

66th Collection

Walking my dog on a cold misty morning. I loved the mist and the reflections.

66th Collection

On my Amsterdam walk I saw this house. It’s build with a very sharp corner, at the right point it seems almost flat.

65th Collection

Amsterdam on a very cold, misty day. There are so many canals with beautiful houses and transportation by boats.

65th Collection