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Moraine Lake, another angle, another view, another dream! Sitting here in the lap of nature was simple mesmerising!

74th Collection

Moraine Lake in all its glory. This is a photographer’s dream come true. An early morning walk to capture this view felt like a dream! The clouds were on my side too with that pattern!

74th Collection

The fountain of King Matthias at the castle district in Budapest. Capturing this felt like an honor. The craftsmanship and the story behind this fountain is amazing. It is such a structure that gives a photographer the avenue to try their different skills!

73rd Collection

I may have clicked a 100 pics just at this location because that is how gorgeous the architecture in Budapest castle district is. The gorgeous parliament seen here through the arches of the Fisherman’s Bastion is simply magnificent!

73rd Collection

Oostende beach in Belgium - one of the largest beaches I’ve been to. The calmness the water brings is amazing and is proof of the diverse experiences Belgium has to offer. Each part of this town is so gorgeous and a photographer’s delight!

73rd Collection

Ghent had my heart! The Gravensteen castle (origins dating back year 800-960) in Ghent, Belgium, has an interesting tale and is a beautiful structure inside and out. If you ever visit there take the self guided audio tour, one of the most entertaining ones I’ve ever heard!

72nd Collection

A quiet morning in Regierungsviertel, Berlin. An early morning walk on the quiet streets of Berlin allowed me to admire the brilliant architecture such as this. It needed no editing no touch ups. Just beautiful as is!

72nd Collection

This beautiful Cathedral of our Lady in Antwerp needs no words to describe it’s Gothic elegance. I felt lucky to be able to capture its beauty in this shot. This cathedral was started in 1352 and completed in 1521 and is a work of art.

71st Collection

The gorgeous Manhattan skyline against a dramatic sky was a sight to behold. A cloudy chilly day can still be so beautiful!

69th Collection

Wall Street in all its glory! Standing amidst the tall skyscrapers on a street so historical felt surreal.

68th Collection

A moment from a beautifully confusing spring day! While on a walk on a spring day hoping for warmer weather I was surprised by the snowfall. The snow acts like a veil covering the colourful canoes ready for summer.

67th Collection

A moment from my first expedition snowshoeing at Crawford Conservation area, Ontario. The sun playing peek a boo shines enough light to enjoy this view. Snow makes any scene beautiful and I’m glad I got to capture this moment.

65th Collection

Downtown Toronto in all its glory on a -29°C day! Trees are majestic with or without leaves. To me snow decorates the trees in winters and that’s what I’ve captured here with the city backdrop.

65th Collection

No snowstorm could stop me from capturing this beautiful view on a cold day at Harbourfront, Toronto. My fav neighbourhood boat - the Kajama stands there in all its glory !

65th Collection

The Toronto Harbourfront looks eerily beautiful even as the dense fog surrounded the city. This photo captured on a beautiful night almost feels like a painting. To be there in that moment barely able to even see the water was a rare spectacle.

63rd Collection

Fall colours never disappoint! A beautiful fall day in Oakville, Canada. Even falling leaves paint the canvas and is a photographer’s delight.

62nd Collection

Sunsets to me are nature’s paintings. Colours so magnificent, clouds like beautiful strokes in the sky and mountains that contrast making the scene more vivid. Cruising through the Strait of Georgia

61st Collection

Vancouver harbour on a beautiful sunny autumn day. Loved nature’s placement of clouds as though paving way for the sun to shine through!

61st Collection

The 2200 feet long tunnel 180 feet beneath the historic Niagara Parks Power Station! A never seen before underground world captured here, left me amazed at this more than a century old excavation.

60th Collection

An artsy corner in Toronto, Canada on a warm summer day. A stroll through the downtown streets in Tdot always leads to some random finds like this! Love the vibe love the colours!

60th Collection