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🇫🇷 France

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2 years

Studio Name

Ako studio

My name is Audrey Knafo , since i was a kid I remember myselfef watching at the photographies and asking myself what was the story behind the picture . Each details was important . The lights , the scène , the eyes , the Colors or the B&W
Sometimes i had answers and sometimes I invented them .
photography always was a huge source of imagination and inspiration to me. And It still is .

Winning photos

Same place , imsouane morocco
This is the beautifull bay of imsouane , at sunset All the Colors are sublime .
This place is well known from surfers because of its wave is the longest one in All africai
Its my magical place

62nd Collection

his photo was taken in morocco, in a small fishing village, this village is also very well known to surfers for its bay and its wave being the longest wave in africa.

62nd Collection

This picture has been shooted in Casablanca
Casablanca is the city i was born and raised
I love the Atlantic sea and the many and différents shore sides morocco offers

61st Collection

Disorder bottles

61st Collection

I took this picture in morocco at Scarabeo Camp which is in Agafay désert close to Marrakech
Great place to visit and stay in between desert and the high montains of Atlas.

60th Collection

Angel Sky appears to me in morocco taghazout Beach .
I love the lights the Sky composition , and i m gladfull to had the opportunity to witnessed and pictured this holly moment

59th Collection

Always looking for something to catch
This pic was taken at jerusalem above the mount of olives which you can see on the right of the ball.
I took my phone and was Happy with what i saw through it.

58th Collection

Those circles in the sand made by Ă  quad bike remind me of the geoglyph of Nazca in PĂ©rou .
This picture was also taken in taghazout Beach in morocco

57th Collection

The blue man in my blue world.
Picture has been taken in taghazout Beach in morocco while i was riding the Camel .
I love morocco for the multiplie opportunities it offers in photography.

57th Collection

Taghazout morroco
This bédouin man made me a ride on his Camel , at sunset .
He owns his Life this way , walking people on his Camel back along this beautiful and endless beach.

56th Collection

I took this picture in Tel Aviv , this guy is a capoeira performer. I just seated on the floor and waited for the good moment .
I was beyond happy to catch this image .

55th Collection

DĂ©sorganized Ears
This pic was taken on the road from essaouira ( morocco ) to marrackech , i saw those donkeys in this truck . It was a very windy day plus the speed of the car , their ears were going in all direction .
It was so funny . My friend was driving i had to ask him to Chase the truck and try to stand at the same level . It was not a highway and cars were coming in our direction . But i did it and here it is !

54th Collection

I took this picture at my friend country house in the Perche Normandy France . Morning Time autumn color , the Sun rays were just passing through the kitchen window .

53rd Collection