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2 years

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Ako studio

My name is Audrey Knafo , since i was a kid I remember myselfef watching at the photographies and asking myself what was the story behind the picture . Each details was important . The lights , the scène , the eyes , the Colors or the B&W
Sometimes i had answers and sometimes I invented them .
photography always was a huge source of imagination and inspiration to me. And It still is .

Winning photos

Same place as the first picture
Gourma /morocco
Rabbi Itzhak Abesserah

78th Collection

This place is in the area of gourama in morocco .
The rabbi Itzhak Abbesserah leaved , studied and died in this village
Every year people gather in this holly place to pray . This picture is the entrance of a small cemetery where the children were burried
You can see on the bottom of the picture few small tombs.

78th Collection

Paris ,77 rue du faubourg saint honoré.
Looking closer, we notice that this installation is attached to the facade of the famous Liaigre design and interior design house. The gallery that Liaigre houses on the Right Bank invited Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata to explore the relationship between art, architecture, design and daily life. And the artist, born in Hokkaido in 1953, had the idea of ​​creating, specifically for the place, this original installation made from wooden chairs.

77th Collection

Rooftop of « La Bellevilloise » in Paris.
Which is a huge place for concert or exhibition or any Ă©vent which need a beautiful and large place.

77th Collection

Paris, Le jardin des tuileries. The flying chairs.

77th Collection

Marseille june 2023
The Water girl

73rd Collection

Parc de la Villette , Paris july 2023
The science building

72nd Collection

Paris , subway view
From underground to above ground

72nd Collection

Marseille , gare saint Charles

71st Collection

Port d'Essaouira /Maroc

70th Collection

Graphic view

69th Collection

Place de l'horloge a Essaouira

69th Collection

Morocco will always be a great source of inspiration to me.
This is Casablanca , the city i grew up .

68th Collection

This pic has been taken in south morocco
In Er Rich area , where they have naturals hot springs named Moulay Ali Chrif

66th Collection

Taghazout Beach , in south morocco
Sunset Time , Incredible light
Horses walking along the beach
Perfect for an award ;))

65th Collection

Countryside of marrackech , i took this picture while i was in a hot air balloon, which is by the way an Incredible expérience to do if you are visiting morocco . It was just after sunrise , thé colours were stunnig.

64th Collection

Imsouane , Morocco, october 2022.
Another day in my favorite place in the world.
The endless sea view
I love this picture as you can see the sand the sea the land. The coulors are magic changing all the Time .

63rd Collection

Again Imsouane Morocco october 2022
Again the endless view
This Time i pictured the beautiful sky
The Birds are waiting for the Fisher men coming back from the sea, flying around them in a circle
You can just seat there observing them and relax
Simple pleasure are the best

63rd Collection