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With us

9 months

I am a self-taught mobile artist.

Before the pandemic, I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever call myself an “artist”. During the lockdown, I started to see everyday moments in a different way using photography and the amazing things one can do with a smartphone. The newfound joy of creating was what I needed to get through that very challenging time.

And now I’m hooked! ☺️

Winning photos

A beautiful warm and breezy evening on a much anticipated family trip to Dominican Republic.

68th Collection

One lonesome leaf on our driveway survived the winter, only to be rained upon the first few days of spring.

67th Collection

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” (It’s tulip season!)

67th Collection

Rain poured all afternoon and into the evening on New Year’s Eve in New York City. These jewel-like blue tones wrapped in dense fog were too beautiful not to stop, look up and capture.

66th Collection

It was a misty New Year’s Eve morning in New York City and steam came from every manhole. These were just two of the thousand of officers who kept Manhattan safe in anticipation of the ball drop that evening.

66th Collection

New York City + New Years Eve + Festive Lights = Photo Potential

65th Collection

I found this canoe near the government building underneath a major local skyway. The Canada Centre for Inland Waters is one of the world’s leading water-research complexes. There are several little islands in this area which house hundreds of birds.

64th Collection

I took advantage of the last moments of Fall and drove to the Niagara Region. The air was cool but the sun was shining. I stopped for lunch at an organic Farm to Table Organic Café and on the property was a large patch of sunflowers. This particular flower’s petals reminded me of blades of fire.

64th Collection

This particular morning was perfect. Cool, crisp air. Blue skies above and a sea of golds and reds all around. October in Southern Ontario, Canada is spectacular!

63rd Collection

An abstract view of the iconic Frank Gehry - designed spiral staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It is one of the most distinctive architectural features in all of Toronto.

63rd Collection

I received a few stares while laying on the ground for this shot. This is the view looking up from the middle of the Toronto-Dominion Centre complex on a beautiful late summer’s day.

62nd Collection

“Stand Tall Little Sunflower!”
Sometimes we are able to stand tall with our faces toward the sun. And sometimes…it’s just not that kind of day.

61st Collection


This is a big, bleak, brown city civic center. I am often drawn to angles and geometry when I take photos so when I saw this section of the building, I knew I could do something interesting with it. I waited a long, long time for something to happen and almost gave up until I heard the sound of skateboard wheels come from up the street. The kid saw me stand up off the park bench across the road and enthusiastically posed as he skated on by.

60th Collection

“Holding Pattern”

While having breakfast during a long awaited family vacation, I looked up and this is what I saw. It was only a moment but thankfully long enough to lift my phone.

60th Collection