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Photography is a connecting factor in my work as an Applied Psychologist. It is an accessible and creative way for anyone else’s storytelling.

Outside my work , photography has always been a passion. Over the years I have develop my own style through various courses. I like to experiment with lines, movement, shape, space, color, light, scale, balance and symmetry.

My iPhone-camera is always within reach to capture special moments and continue improve my skills.

Winning photos


Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, Holland

76th Collection

Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024

76th Collection


Safari Park Beekse Bergen , Hilvarenbeek NL

76th Collection

Autumn walk
Nature reserve Kampina, Oisterwijk Holland

75th Collection

Estate Ooievaarsnest
Alphen, Noord-Brabant, Holland

75th Collection

At the bakery.
Oisterwijk, Holland

75th Collection

Pauluslyceum, Tilburg, Holland

Sixty years of Tilburg history through the lens of my iPhone. In the large building on Wandelboslaan, time seems to stood still.

The gymnasium turned out to be exactly the same as when I was last there in 1997.
Shortly afterwards, the Pauluslyceum disappeared from Tilburg. The municipality gave me permission to visit the abandoned building.

75th Collection