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A beautiful yellow rose from the garden during the late afternoon visit. Sun shone to a part of the flower giving some unique touch of light.

68th Collection

Inside the Almudena Cathedral showcasing the beautiful and colorful ceilings and windows.

67th Collection

Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, Spain with magnificent copper doorway, visited by many including Pope John Paul II on a sunny afternoon.

67th Collection

The Palace hotel old chandelier taken after a high tea with friends, the area used to be a thorough for horse carriage.

67th Collection

San Francisco City Civic Center ant night. The lighting changes on occasions or events or holidays.

67th Collection

Early evening walk at the trail at the valley and the Yosemite waterfall and kids with flashlights looking for frogs.

66th Collection

The Golden Gate at dusk, arrived late due to unexpected heavy traffic, nonetheless it’s still awesome, and loving the light reflection on the bay.

66th Collection

This was taken after visiting this magnificent church during evening stroll in Lisbon, church lights were on early contrasting with still bluish sky.

65th Collection

Late afternoon photo of the painted ladies houses with the the city scape on the background and the park at the foreground.

65th Collection

A breathtaking view of La Alhambra city from the palace at midday. Cropped the photo for closer look

65th Collection

This was a snap from the section of the mosque-cathedral with a minimal lighting condition and crowded by tourists.

64th Collection

A reflection of the inner palace section in Alhambra, Spain with bright sunlight and clear sky.

64th Collection

A corner of the colorful monastery that was converted to a palace on top of the mountain on a rainy and cloudy condition.

64th Collection

Taken at dusk during a rush hour time in the iconic Golden gate of San Francisco using a tripod to prevent blurring of the shot.

64th Collection

Jerònimos Monastery in Belem is a beautiful monastery inside and out. This area is a bit dark due to less lightings, taken this shot with a steady hand.

63rd Collection

Overlooking the residential area and the church in Lisboa by the Atlantic Ocean, view from the top of the hill viewpoint with scattered clouds at a morning walk.

63rd Collection

A view of the sunset while a boat passes through in the a marina in Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately the sun was covered by the clouds, nonetheless is stunning.

63rd Collection

This morning hike shot at the base of the Multnomah water fall in Oregon was stunning specially when there are still no tourists around.

62nd Collection

Strolling through the Bruges community and came across this irresistible site, though it was cloudy and dark the shot was still amazing.

62nd Collection

I guess, I don’t have to describe this. It’s Hollands famous windmill, taken on a very strange scattered rain showers, like every 5-10 minutes.

61st Collection