Joan Gallagher



Toms River, New Jersey

🇺🇸 The United States



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I always marvel at the delicate nature of dandelions. It seems I can’t get enough. I will pull over for one that is gracefully putting itself into the sunlight to show its beauty.

72nd Collection

That moment when ice on the bay melts and adds fabulous texture. Wet shoes, cold hands, all worth it for the shot!

67th Collection

I love the various textures in the bay, especially in the winter. It adds to the drama of the photo.

64th Collection

I wait all winter for making snow globes . The sunlight shines through making it feel like I’ve stepped into a story.

64th Collection

Calm and peaceful. Some days we just need that reminder to breather and be at peace with simplicity. I took this photo one morning when I really needed to relax. Was so pleased with the colors that the universe provided.

63rd Collection

Those beautiful calm mornings. I always look for feathers as a note from my dad when I need help. I found this one and posed it to give it importance.

62nd Collection