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15th place in Ireland

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Anita Stimac

I’m Anita, a passionate creative based in the beautiful city of Galway in the West of Ireland.

Photography has always been my passion since I was a kid, when I first took my father's camera in my hands. To this day, I still capture every moment through my lens with the same passion and love.

Photography isn’t just a moment frozen in time; it’s the art of storytelling. As a photographer, my goal is to capture those special moments and tell their unique stories through the photos I create in each shoot.

“ When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.”

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Winning photos

Pine Island, Connemara, Ireland.

82nd Collection

Galway Monochrome: Traditional boats in black and white.

77th Collection

Seagulls over The Long Walk.

77th Collection

The sun bids farewell over Galway's sandy shores, casting its warm glow on the beach and painting reflections on the sand.

76th Collection

Spectacular colors of the Blackrock sunset in Galway.

76th Collection

The traditional boat fleet in Galway takes pride in lighting their rigs in the city's basin for special occasions.

76th Collection

Irish Magic: In the heart of Connemara, this lone tree stands against a majestic mountain backdrop.

75th Collection

Sunset on Salthill: Blue sea and sky meet the golden glow of the sun. Captured in Galway.

75th Collection

Golden Hour at Galway's Blackrock.

74th Collection

The colourful houses along Galway's Long Walk exude individuality and charm, giving the area a vibrant and diverse atmosphere.

74th Collection

Steps into the Unknown World. Salthill Beach, Galway.

73rd Collection

Looking out the window of a bus in Dublin, the rain painted a unique portrait of the city.

73rd Collection

Dragon - The Forgotten World, GIAF 2023 - Galway International Arts Festival.

72nd Collection

Sky Stories: Clouds dance across the canvas of the sky. Painting stories only the heart can decipher. Galway, Ireland.

72nd Collection

Senglea, also called Isla, town, one of the Three Cities (the others being Cospicua and Vittoriosa) of eastern Malta.

71st Collection

The colourful Luzza boats blend perfectly with the Mediterranean backdrop.

71st Collection

White clouds float above this picturesque city, while the ocean in the background beckons for adventure and discovery. Galway, Ireland.

70th Collection